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oooo tough one… let’s see idk honestly i don’t think i’ve found my absolute favorite yet. I will give you a list of my top 3 in no particular order.
1. discovergames
2. fuckyeah-bioshockinfinite
3. purplepokemon

Still waiting for that one blog i can’t stop looking at!


okay no, THIS evo makes no sense.

→ 223, 224 / 251

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Pokedexxy #2: Favourite Dark type.

Inkay. And shiny version (although I don’t have it in the game) because I had already done an Inkay before, and I couldnt bring myself to pick any other Dark type.

Why are you guys so interested in this I’ll never know. 【・_・?】

Let see we’re at 1,658 as of today.

Pokeddexy challenge days 26: favorite starter Cyndaquil


Day 15 Favourite Psychic