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Day 72 - Usokkie / ウソッキー / Sudowoodo - July 16, 2014

What kind of meteor is that?

Full Image: http://minus.com/i/IaP8UQwrZWX8

(P.S. A new Pokémon drawn each day!)



Deleted Work: 正しいエサの取り方

Pixiv ID: 19820618
By: ゲロ


Eyyy i like this one tho


31 Days of Pokemon December
not sure what to call it or tag it into, but I’m doing the challenge thing.

December 1st: Favorite Bug Type
 edit: POKEDDEXY ahhh ok that’s what it’s called. 


Pokeddex challenge - day 3

favorite dragon type




no offense or anything but I want to set you on fire

On a more serious note this upsets me a lot. My entire childhood has been completely devoted to pokemon. I have hundreds upon hundreds of hours logged in these games; I know all the regions; I know what level all seven hundred plus these motherfuckers evolve. I know the anime saga and ridiculousness of Ash Ketchum. I know the seriousness of the manga. I can walk through any gen, ev train a hundred level team, hack to complete the dex, and kick ass. I don’t like pokemon I live that shit. So get your head out of your ass please, anon.